Why Drive 35?

Mazak Music has served the musicians and San Marcos community for the past 17 years. The business is under new ownership and is excited to be moving into a full line of band, orchestra, percussion and keyboard instruments. Our goal is to serve all of the music needs of San Marcos and surrounding communities. [more]

Q & A


    Does your store carry band instruments?  Yes!!  Mazak Music stocks both new and used instruments for beginners and advanced players.  We offer rent to own programs with no...

Tips & Hints

  • Fretboards

    With a Rosewood or Ebony fretboard, keep it clean by occasionally applying a small amount of lemon oil. Apply a small amount of lemon oil (not guitar polish or another cleaner)...

    • Nylon Strings

      On a nylon string acoustic guitar, new strings are hard to keep in tune. When you put a new set of nylon strings on your guitar, before final tuning, gently stretch the strings...